The Five Best Eye Shadow Palettes for Beginners!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So getting any sort of dramatic look with your makeup efforts relies greatly on the detail you put into your eye makeup. In fact, [amazon link=”B00L0R5494″ title=”your eye makeup” /] will dictate the overall appeal and aesthetic of any look you try to create. So it’s important to make sure that you’ve got the right tools and products to help you achieve what you’re trying to aim for.

For beginners, eye shadow application can be one of the toughest to understand and perfect. There are a lot of technicalities that go into getting eye shadow just right, and the slightest mistakes could make you look more like a racoon that a smoky, sultry goddess. If you’re just starting out on learning how to get the perfect eye shadow look, then these top 5 best eye shadow palettes for beginners should find a worthy spot in your arsenal.

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The Ultimate Best Eye Shadow Palette for Beginners

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Maybelline is one of the biggest brands in the makeup industry, offering [amazon link=”your eye makeup” title=”an extensive line up of fabulous cosmetic products at unbelievably affordable prices” /]. The drugstore brand has recently stepped up its formulations though, allowing it to compete closely with more expensive designed companies without having to cost too much.

They’ve got quite a number of different eye shadow palettes out on the market to date, but their very best eye shadow palette for beginners is the Nudes Eye Shadow Palette – a popular selection among buyers who are just starting out. The rich soft nudes and brown shades of the palette are perfect for creating a variety of looks – from dramatic smoky eyes to light, everyday makeup looks.

What makes it such a great choice for those who are just starting to learn out how to use eye shadow is that the color selection minimizes errors. Plus, the formula has some pretty strong pigment, so you can get the perfect look without having to use more product than necessary.

Pros of the Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

  • Comes with 12 different nude shades that make it a versatile product you can use for a variety of looks.
  • Easily switch from your no-makeup everyday look to a daring evening look with a single palette.
  • Contains both matte and shimmer shades.
  • Strong pigment lets you create stunning makeup looks with less product.
  • Highly blendable formulation gives you more than just 12 shades.
  • Also works great as a contour palette.

Cons of the Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

  • May require the use of a lid primer prior to application to guarantee that the pigment stays on for long.

Another Great Pick for Budding Enthusiasts

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Looking for something that you can easily tuck away in your pocket or makeup kit? [amazon link=”B006OZEYR0″ title=”The Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow” /] is the perfect product if you want a straightforward palette that trims down the guesswork and confusion. With four different colors and coming in a variety of color ways, the Qaud has found itself a rightful place in lots of makeup kits across the globe.

There are lots of different color combinations offered by Revlon, but most of them leverage rich, creamy nudes, allowing you to achieve everyday looks and drastic, dramatic smoky eye blends that can work great for evening events. The colors are also highly pigmented, meaning you won’t have to keep re-dipping your brush into the product just to get the color to show.

Finally, in terms of staying power, the Revlon ColorStay formulation is one of the most reliable. Maintaining its rich, beautiful colors even hours after you apply the product, these eye shadows can see you through even longer than half a day. So whether you’re trying to achieve a no-makeup look for work or if you’re aiming to get a dramatic aesthetic for a night time party, the formulation promises to stay the same all throughout your event.

Best Eye Shadow Palettes for Beginners

Pros of the Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad

  • Small, compact, and easy to keep, allowing you to make easy touch-ups no matter where you might be.
  • Beautiful rich colors and deep pigments mean you can create a variety of looks with just a small amount of product.
  • Simple and straightforward, eliminating a lot of the guesswork that usually comes with more complicated palettes.
  • Colors complement each other perfectly, so you can experiment with different shades without worrying about the end results.
  • Stays pigmented and fresh up to 16 hours after you apply them, making them the perfect companion for events and other special occasions.

Cons of the Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad

  • Product tends to fall out quite a lot, so be sure to have something covering your cheeks to keep the pigment from blending with your foundation and blush.

The Cheapest Eye Shadow Palette for Beginners

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Another popular drugstore brand on the makeup market is e.l.f., the brand is just as popular as other choices like Revlon and Maybelline, but often offers their line-up at even more affordable prices. So for buyers who are really trying to stick to a budget, e.l.f. products are often the no-questions-asked go-to solution.

In terms of eye shadow, they have quite a number of releases. But according to what we’ve found out, [amazon link=”B00WGDEVPE” title=”the e.l.f. Flawless Eye Shadow Palette” /] is the very best eye shadow palette for beginners who want something that won’t leave too big of a dent on their wallets. What makes it so appealing to beginners is the fact that it also comes with user suggestions as each shade features an etching that tells you where you can put the color to achieve a look that works on all skin types.

The colors are also very rich and beautiful, blending together perfectly to give you a flawless eye shadow look that doesn’t look clumsy or forced. Plus, the formulation is also infused with Vitamin E to keep your skin and your eyes safe and healthy with each application.

Best cheap Eye Shadow Palettes on the market for Beginners

Pros of the e.l.f. Flawless Eye Shadow Palette

  • Each color comes with an application suggestion that makes it easier to get the hang of eye shadow use.
  • Beautiful rich colors complement a variety of skin colors.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for users on the go.
  • Smooth glide formulation applies effortlessly to your skin and lids, preventing the need to keep rubbing the area over and over just to get the color to show.
  • Just the right pigment gives you a pop of color with minimal product on your brush.
  • The cheapest option on the list, at under $2 USD! It’s definitely a steal.

Cons of the e.l.f. Flawless Eye Shadow Palette

  • The buttery formulation tends to break, so be careful not to drop or mishandle the palette.

The Fourth Top Rated Pick

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It’s easy to be beautiful with Covergirl. Championing effortless beauty by highlighting your features and enhancing your look with subtle colors and soft blends, the Covergirl brand is known as one of the go-to brands for lots of teens. Their ultra mild formulations are very delicate and slight, giving you just the right color boost to let your natural beauty shine through without having to cake on too much product.

[amazon link=”B001ESN2TS” title=”Their Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Eye Shadow” /] has often been dubbed their best eye shadow palette for beginners, simply because it reduces a lot of the guesswork and confusion that other, more extensive choices often cause. The colors are soft, working from a light nude to a semi-dark brown, allowing you to use the palette for everyday looks.

The creamy formulation is also a dream to work with. Highly blendable and buildable, you can get a variety of outcomes with all the same colors simply by choosing to use more or less product. Plus, the nudes can also be used for a variety of other makeup purposes such as contour, so you definitely get more out of the product than meets the eye.

Pros of the Covergirl Eye Enhancer 4-Kit Eye Shadow

  • Soft, buttery formulation is easy to blend and build, allowing you to create close to a hundred different looks all with just 4 colors.
  • Soft and subtle, so it’s not hard to correct errors especially when you’re just learning the ropes.
  • Beautiful color combinations are suitable for virtually all skin types.
  • Enhances your natural beauty, so you can learn how to highlight your features with minimal product.

Cons of the Covergirl Eye Enhancer 4-Kit Eye Shadow

  • Colors might be a little too sheer to create dramatic evening looks.

Our Last Eye Shadow Palette Recommendation

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Our last best eye shadow palette for beginners comes yet again from Revlon. This time, we picked out [amazon link=”B009QZILFQ” title=”their popular PhotoReady Primer” /], Shadow, and Sparkle – a combination eye shadow palette that gives you all the great results in a small, and easy to carry container.

The palette was designed specifically for beginners, and the different colors are even shaped on the pan to make it easier for you to spot where you should put the pigment. This makes it a lot easier for amateurs to really understand where darker and lighter colors should go to get the ideal look for a variety of occasions.

The palette comes with 8 different shades, combining mattes and shimmers with priming powder to give you a long lasting formulation that will stick around throughout the whole day. The beautiful colors also boast a very vivid contrast among them, so you can experiment with a variety of looks and go from day to night time with just a single palette in your arsenal.

With strong pigment, a buttery consistency, and a highly buildable formulation, there is only one problem with the product. That is, some of the colors in the palette tend to be too dark, creating drastic pigment with just minimal swipes and application. So if you make any errors during application, you may need to reapply completely.

Pros of the Revlon Photoready Primer, Shadow, and Sparkle

  • Visual representation on the pan makes color application a total no-brainer.
  • Compact size makes it easy to slip into your purse for touch-ups on the go.
  • High contrast between colors let you experiment with a variety of looks.
  • Perfect consistency is easy to work with, letting your brush glide effortlessly over your lids and leaving behind impressive color with a single swipe.
  • Long lasting formulation stays fresh and vibrant for extended hours after application.

Cons of the Revlon Photoready Primer, Shadow, and Sparkle

  • Some colors’ pans are pretty small, so some of the shades might run out sooner than others.


You can slather on all the foundation, concealer, contour, and lipstick you can find. But without a defined eye, your makeup look might not come together. In any case, the way you create your eye makeup will tell whether or not your entire look is well put together. So be sure you’ve got the right stuff to make that eye magic happen!

There are lots of eye shadow palettes in the market, but most of those high end designer branded options may be too confusing for budding makeup artists and enthusiasts to use. That said, you should make sure to choose a palette that’s designed specifically for beginners so you can do without the guesswork and learn the ropes in the best way possible.

Don’t be confused with your options – the best eye shadow palettes for beginners are pretty easy to find! Make sure to check out our top recommendations to help you hone your skills and perfect the ever delicate art of eye makeup with a simple, straightforward, and intuitive eye shadow palette that was designed just for beginners like you.