The Five Best Makeup Brushes for Cheap On The Market!

Makeup has created a brand new subculture throughout the internet, encouraging not only women but men as well to take to their vanities and come up with the boldest looks their arsenal will allow. So it goes without saying that the better your makeup and your tools, the more impressive your outcomes.

For any makeup artist or enthusiast, [amazon link=”B017B9SSOW” title=”a set of reliable brushes” /] is a major investment. But that doesn’t mean they have to cost too much. There are lots of [amazon link=”B017B9SSOW” title=”affordable brush sets on the market” /] that can give you that professional makeup look minus the steep price. Wondering which options are the best makeup brushes for cheap? Find out here.

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The Very Best Makeup Brushes for Budget Buyers

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Designed with professional makeup artists in mind, [amazon link=”B017B9SSOW” title=”the EmaxDesign Makeup Brushes” /] includes 10 different pieces to give you a complete yet concise brush set that gives you all the essentials you could ever need. The premium set includes everything you might need during the makeup process, including a number of face brushes, foundation brushes, powder brushes, and precision brushes for smaller areas like the eyelids and the lips.

What buyers love about the set is that each brush is definitely made to the highest of standards. The ultra thick and dense bristles make it easy to pick up loads of pigment in a single swipe, and prevents makeup from falling off the brush. Plus, they’re designed not to shed, so you can enjoy the same premium quality again and again without worrying about losing bristle density.

In terms of maintenance, the brushes are very easy to clean and sanitize. The bristles take on a white color halfway up their length, giving you a better idea of when it’s time to give your brushes a well deserved cleaning. With the right makeup brush cleaner, any residual makeup gets easily washed off the brushes so you don’t have to worry about wearing them out during cleaning.

When it comes to the way the brushes look, they’re definitely not second-rate. The premium set looks almost like those high end brush sets that would cost you twice or even thrice the cost. So they make a very stylish addition to your own set, or even a sophisticated gift for that makeup enthusiast you love.

Pros of the EmaxDesign 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

  • Impressive design and build quality, lasting very long without losing its sophisticated appeal.
  • Dense brush fibers pick up pigment like a dream, allowing you to achieve greater coverage and color with fewer dips and swipes.
  • Easy to clean, allowing users to wash off residual makeup without wearing out the bristles.
  • Complete set includes all the essentials you’ll need to apply makeup like a pro, minus all the fancy bells and whistles that tend to make other sets too complicated.
  • Incredibly affordable, costing just a fraction of premium brush sets that offer the same quality.

Cons of the EmaxDesign 10 Piece Brush Set

  • The included makeup blender sponge may not soften up to most users’ preferences even when soaked in water.

The Second Best Pick

[amazon box=”B01FA5GA30″ grid=”1″]

If you were looking for something a little more sophisticated while still working within a wallet-friendly budget, look no further – [amazon link=”B01FA5GA30″ title=”the DUcare 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set” /] is your best bet. The copper bodied makeup brushes look a lot like those expensive designer brushes you’d find from high-end brands, but they come at a more reasonable cost.

The set includes 6 copper brushes with natural hair bristles, with a powder brush, foundation brush, 2 eye brushes, a lip brush, and an eyebrow brush. This gives you a complete, travel friendly companion that’s perfect for those on-the-go touch-ups. The copper body also makes it particularly durable against damage and moisture, allowing you to take your kit with you anywhere you go without worrying about compromising the quality of your brushes.

In terms of aesthetic appeal and presentation, it’s hard to top the DUcare 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set. The brushes come in a luxurious leather carrying case that keeps all your brushes in proper order no matter where you take them. The brushes also come packaged in a very appealing box that makes it an ideal gift for your friends or family.

The Five Best Makeup Brushes for Cheap On The Market!

Pros of the DUcare 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set

  • Great for travel purposes, giving you just the bare essentials that you need for a quick touch up.
  • Convenient carrying case eliminates the hassle of having your brushes mixed in with other items in your makeup kit.
  • Premium bristles pick up pigment and spread them out evenly for flawless coverage.
  • Beautiful copper handles are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, extending the lifespan of your brushes.
  • Offers premium results at a pocket-friendly cost, allowing you to enjoy professional results without paying too much.

Cons of the DUcare 6 Piece Makeup Brush Set

  • May have an unpleasant chemical odor straight out of the box, but it does fade with time.

Another Great Budget Makeup Brush Set

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With a standard makeup brush construction and quality, [amazon link=”B01F36JBDM” title=”the BEAKY Makeup Brush Set” /] is as straightforward as it gets. This set of 12 pieces can complete any arsenal, giving you a reliable go-to solution for any and every makeup look you might think of.

The top quality set includes several different brushes for foundation, face powder, eye shadows, blush, concealer, and every other product you might have. It also tosses in a makeup sponge and a makeup brush cleaner to give you everything you need in order to achieve those bold and daring makeup looks without having to buy anything else.

In terms of the brushes’ quality, there’s really not a lot to say other than they’re efficient. The soft, dense bristles pack product really well, and make sure to give you maximum coverage with very little effort. The tops of the bristles are a soft, white color, allowing you to assess whether it’s time for a cleaning.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that these brushes are some of the cheapest on the market. At less than 10 dollars, the set is definitely a steal that will give you great results with each use.

The Five Best Makeup Brushes for Cheap!

Pros of the BEAKY Makeup Brush Set

  • Straightforward, simple, and easy, perfect for beginners and users who want an effortless makeup application experience.
  • Complete brushes make it possible for you to create a variety of looks with a single makeup brush set.
  • Thick handles make the brushes easier to use, keeping your hands from feeling tired especially for precision makeup application.
  • Durable construction keeps the brushes safe from damage even with daily use.

Cons of the BEAKY Makeup Brush Set

  • The bristles can break and fall out after some time, so it’s important to take special care of the hairs to prevent damage.

The Fourth Best Makeup Brush Set

[amazon box=”B01EWBYUDU” grid=”1″]

In search of an extensive brush set that gives you the ultimate makeup application arsenal? [amazon link=”B01EWBYUDU” title=”The EmaxDesign 20 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set” /] is the one for you. This complete set includes 20 different pieces, with other brushes having as many as two different heads, so you can enjoy extensive versatility with just these brushes.

Each brush was assembled by hand, and uses soft bristles secured to a light plastic body through a thin metal ferrule. The bristles themselves come in two different colors, with each brush featuring darker colors towards the top of the bristles, and white bases closer to the handle. The purpose of this color distribution, contrary to other brushes that feature lighter shades over the darker bristle half is to prevent users from washing them more than they need to be.

When residual makeup stains the lighter colored bases of the bristles, that’s the time when the brushes should be cleaned. With that, it becomes easier to assess whether or not it’s time to wash the brushes and thus extends the lifespan of the set in general. Keep in mind though that because the handles and ferrules are made from lightweight material, they can give in to damage over time if the brushes are mishandled.

The Best Makeup Brushe for Cheap

Pros of the EmaxDesign 20 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

  • Extensive and comprehensive, including 10 more brushes than most sets. This makes it a great choice for buyers who really want to flex their makeup muscle.
  • Lightweight brushes minimize fatigue especially for more elaborate looks that require more time to complete.
  • Soft, dense bristles perfectly pack just the right amount of product to give you maximum coverage with just a few swipes.
  • Unique bristle colors means you don’t have to deal with the guesswork involved with assessing whether or not your brushes need a cleaning.

Cons of the EmaxDesign 20 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set

  • Bodies aren’t as durable as other makeup brushes, so they may need some extra care.

Our Last Best Bet

[amazon box=”B01FWDIJHK” grid=”1″]

Another complete makeup brush set, and the last on our list of [amazon link=”B01FWDIJHK” title=”the best makeup brushes for cheap” /], is the Cinidy Makeup Brush Set. These colorful brushes boast a beautiful teal colored body that makes them easy to spot in any cluttered makeup kit. The ferrules on the brushes can also come in a variety of colors, including black, gold, and rosegold, which definitely add a touch of class, sophistication, and style to the budget brush set.

The synthetic fibers that make up the brush heads are extra durable and soft, allowing you to apply makeup to your face with maximum comfort and ease. The density of the bristles also makes it possible to pick up large quantities of makeup in a single swipe, so you can get full coverage without having to use too much product.

The set includes a lot of different brushes, most of which are made for precision makeup application. It features a number of various small sized brushes which can be hard to find with other brush sets. This makes it particularly ideal if you’re interested in trying out more elaborate makeup looks that have a lot of intricate detail.

Pros of the Cinidy Makeup Brush Set

  • Lots of different brushes in smaller sizes make it ideal for elaborate makeup looks with lots of detail and fine lines.
  • Cute color combinations make them aesthetically pleasing and easier to find in cluttered makeup kits.
  • Brush bristle colors make it easier to spot whether the brushes have been too soaked in residual product so you can bypass the second guessing.
  • Dense, soft, thick fibers are easy on the face and are very efficient at picking up just the right amount of product for full coverage.

Cons of the Cinidy Makeup Brush Set

  • As some of the best makeup brushes for cheap, the Cinidy makes the budget cut by skimping out on durability and construction. Expect some damage after some time of use especially if you don’t take care of them too well.
  • Teal color chips and peels off after a while, making the brushes look used and abused.


With the internet being flooded with lots of different influencers and makeup artists, it’s really hard not to follow suit! So if you’re interested in trying to discover what you can do with makeup, make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Enticing, expensive, high end makeup brush sets might seem worth that pretty penny, but you can actually get the same quality without having to spend too much. Lots of different companies have come out with very reasonable makeup brush sets that offer premium quality at a wallet-friendly cost.

So before you grab that expensive, designer set, try to check your options first! You’d be surprised just how some of the best makeup brushes can cost just a fraction of the choices you’d find from other, better known brands.