How to Apply Blush On Oval Face For Perfect Makeup Everytime! 

Have you heard about the idea that the people with the most proportional and equal faces, perfect symmetry in other words, are the ones most likely considered attractive? That means sides, the left and the right, are equal. Some celebrities who exhibit these features are Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, Naomi Campbell, and Brad Pitt.

With that said, people can conclude that shapes and equilibrium play a big part on aesthetics. This is true especially in architecture. Some of the major architectural wonders that display balance are Taj Mahal, Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, and even the Great Pyramids of Giza. In architecture, balance and symmetry are parallel to appeal to beauty.

This same concept also applies to superficial beauty. People nowadays are going crazy over makeup. There are a myriad of Youtube videos on makeup tutorial from the most popular makeup artists like Patrick Starrr and Jeffree Star. Patrick Starrr even featured Kim Kardashian as one of her models in of the tutorials using Kim Kardashian’s makeup line. Jeffree Star on the other hand, has his own makeup line to boast of. Going back to the topic at hand, balance and equilibrium is also something these makeup artists keep in mind when doing makeup.

They consider a person’s face shape to know the right brow style, contour, blush, and even hairstyle! Knowing all these in mind, let’s review tips and tricks on how to apply blush on an oval face.

An oval face shape shows a prominent cheekbones and slightly-wider-than-the-chin forehead. Actually, this is considered one of the ideal face shapes. Other shapes include, heart, long, square, triangle, and round. Do you know which face shape you have? If you have an oval shaped face, this guide is for you.

A blush is handy for whenever you need a natural glow. It is worn on the cheeks to redden and highlight your cheekbones to look more youthful and healthy. It is one of the makeup essentials that would make one looking fresh in an instant. It is a go-to makeup staple everyone needs to have. It doesn’t need a professional to be applied. Anyone can do it with a brush and a blush in hand.

Determine your face shape.

Before following this tip on how to apply blush on oval face question is important for you to know your face shape. To do this, you need a tape measure and a calculator. Measure the length and width of your forehead, jawline, face length, and cheekbones.

The face shapes include inverted triangle, diamond, oval, heart, round, long, and square. If all your measurements are almost the same, your face shape can be square, round, or oval. On the other hand, if your forehead is widest, you are likely on the heart, or inverted triangle shape side. However, when your cheekbones are the widest, a diamond-shaped face is likely. Long face shape is applicable to those whose length measurement of the face is the longest.

How to Apply Blush On Oval Face For Perfect Makeup Everytime! 

Choose the right blush color and type.

The right blush color depends greatly on a person’s undertone. Undertone is the natural color of the skin or veins below the surface layer. There are three types of undertones. It can be warm, cool, or neutral. Warm undertones have green veins. Cool undertones have bluish veins. Neutral undertones have a mix of the green and the blue veins.

The right blush color for each undertones are:

  • Warm – gold and peach
  • Cool – light pink and red
  • Neutral – any

The color is one thing and the type is another. Skin type should is also a big consideration in picking the right blush. Picking the right blush type ensures the blush’s longevity or long-lasting effects. The common types of skins are dry, oily, a combination of both while the common types of blushes are powder, cream, and gel.

Opting for a powder blush will give the skin a more matte finish since the powder will absorb any liquid on the face and will keep oiliness at bay. Cream blushes are appropriate for people with dry skin, as it will give that natural glow by adding its needed moisture.

Know the uses of the different types of brush.

There are two different brushes commonly used for applying blush. These are the precision brush and the angled brush. Precision brushes are used to apply more color and heavier layers while angle brushes are for lighter and softer layers.

How to Apply Blush on Oval Face easily

Once you know all the important factors and prerequisites to consider, it is not time to know the procedure on how to apply blush. First, dip the chosen brush type into the blush. Swirl the tip of the brush so all of its parts are securely covered. Don’t forget to blow off the excess to avoid a theatrical makeup look.

Apply the blush to the apple of your cheek by brushing in circles. The apple of your cheek forms whenever you smile. Once you have located the apple cheek, it is important to note that smiling while putting your blush is a big no-no. It might confuse you on which part to highlight and it might emphasize wrinkles and other lines.

Applying light pressure is also a key factor in achieving the best results. Hold the brush at the end for best results. For people with oval shapes, keep in mind to highlight the cheekbones to create a light and natural look.

The next part involves extending the blush to your upper cheekbones towards the temple. To do this, determine the angle and sweep back and forth to blend. Apply the blush to the upper part of the cheekbone and not the bottom.

Once you have clearly marked your blush on your face, you can trace it with sweeping strokes. Continue the strokes from the cheekbone to the temples to blend the blush into your skin and hairline. Blending is an important aspect of applying blush as it will make the blush look natural.