How To Apply Lipstick Without Lip Liner – Step by Step Guide!

Have you ever seen ladies with perfect makeup but with imperfect [amazon link=”B01FKL2P4C” title=”lipsticks” /]? Well, there are quite a lot of ladies out there who don’t know how to apply lipstick without [amazon link=”B007GLD95O” title=”lip liner” /] perfectly and that is the reason they cannot achieve the perfect and beautiful look. As a matter of fact, lipstick is the most important part of your makeup regimen that can make you look perfect and unattractive, at the same time. It all depends on the how accurately you apply it. Especially when dealing with those bold colors, it is very difficult for most of the females to perfectly apply the lipstick without making use of lip liner and without smearing the color all over their face.

If you are among those females, don’t fret! Here is the step by step guide covered for the perfect application of lipstick without using lip liner. Read below to get some tips for the perfect lips look.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Apply Lipstick without Lip Liner:

If you are in a hurry and want to get the perfect look with the perfect lipstick, the simple way is to start applying lipstick from the center of your lips and brush the lipstick outwards. You can apply the second for the long-lasting lipstick. And if you want that dramatic real-time lipstick look, read on the following tips.

#1: Exfoliate your Lips:

The first step in achieving the perfect, tidy and dramatic lips is to prepare your lips. And by preparing, we mean exfoliating all the dead skin cells to get the smooth lips to work on. It will also give your lips a perfect smooth feeling, while making them softer. For this, you can use any toothbrush with soft bristles to brush away all the dead skin cells from the lips. Gently brush or you can also use the damp towel as well for the exfoliating purpose. After getting exfoliation done, moisturize your lips using a lip balm that will not only soften the lips but also make them smooth for the perfect look.

#2: Prime Your Lips with Foundation:

If you have excess lip balm on your lips, remove all using a tissue ply before applying any makeup or lipstick. Any balm leftover will make your lips slippery and prevent the lipstick to last long. After removing all the excess lip balm, the next thing you need to do is to prime your lips using the foundation. This will help bring out the natural color of the lipstick and will make it last long. However, if you are in a hurry, you can skip this step as well.

#3: Apply The Lipstick:

After priming your lips with the foundation, the next step is applying the lipstick. This step is very important to achieve perfect look, so you need to get your full attention to your lips when doing this. Choose the lipstick that you want to apply, but keeping in view your complexion and your dress. After choosing the right color, start applying lipstick from the center of your lips and brush the lipstick outwards, filling the gaps and cracks. If you want more precision or you can’t handle the tube, you can make use of the lipstick brush or even your finger for the task.

#4: Apply a Second Coat:

The first coat you applied on the primed lips will act as the base coat. In order to give an intense and long-lasting look, the thing that you need to do is to apply the second coat. As a matter of fact, applying second coat is easier as you just have to put the color over the color, so it would be very easy for you to follow.

#5: Make Your Lipstick Last Longer:

If you want your lipstick last longer without smudging, consider dusting it with translucent powder. For this, gently place the tissue ply over the lips and lightly dust your lips with some loose setting powder. Pull the tissue ply away and after that, again apply the lipstick coat. This will make your lipstick last longer than 12 hours.

#6: Conceal the Outer Edges of Lips for Finer Look:

No matter how carefully you apply your lipstick, there is always an edge where the color has been smudged. In order to give your lips and edges a finer look, you need to conceal the edges. For this, conceal the lips with the concealer that matches your skin tone and outline your lips with it. Blend it outward into the foundation to give a natural look. It will not only give a finer look to your lips, but also will give a nice shape to your lips and prevent the lipstick from spreading.

#7: Use Highlighter on your Cupid’s bow:

To enhance the shape of your lips and to make the lips look more attractive, you can use the highlighting pencil on the cupid’s bow to accentuate the natural shape. You can use white or ivory shaded highlighter on the small area. Make sure not to draw over the lipstick, but draw above it for the perfect look.

#8: Finishing the Look:

The last step in achieving the perfect lipstick is finishing the look. If you want the matte-y look, dust some translucent powder over your lipstick, but if you want to add variation to your lips, you can use the lip gloss. For this, simply apply the lip gloss for the overall shimmery look, but if you want it dull, dab some of the product in the middle of the lips and spread it all over.

Some Tips for Perfect Lips:

  1. Keep your lips moisturized always to achieve the perfect lipstick look even when you are in rush.
  2. Always pick a lipstick that compliments your skin color.
  3. Using a lipstick brush can help you achieve a flawless application.
  4. Don’t smoosh or rub your lips together after applying lipstick as it can cause the unevenness in the color.

Ladies keep these lipstick tips in mind and slay!