How to Make Essential Oil Perfume Last Longer, A Detailed Guide!

The type of perfume one wears speaks volume about them. One’s personality can be silently but certainly be brought out by the perfume such a person wears.  Everyone would like to smell good and for a long time, no wonder the market for perfumes is ever growing. Often, perfumes invoke to people memories, emotions and even distinctiveness. Use of perfumes has become so much entrenched in people that hardly can most people stay a day without wearing them. Sadly, most of [amazon link=”B000JL7WQK” title=”the conventional perfumes” /] in the market contain harmful elements like allergens, skin irritants and hormone disruptors.

Unfortunately most of the perfume users are not aware of presence of these harmful elements contained in the synthetic perfumes. This is because for purposes of market protection, the manufacturers will never openly mention such elements while stating the composition of their products. Are you thinking that how to make [amazon link=”B019DI0586″ title=”essential oil” /] perfume last longer if the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

The essential oil perfumes give a benign alternative to the conventional perfumes, one which is safe yet does not compromise the appeal of the perfume. They are absolutely free from such harmful components.

In addition, the essential oils used in their preparation have therapeutic, healing, relaxing and calming characteristics. For instance, lavender has relaxing benefits, while orange is a popular mood booster. Likewise, sandalwood is known for its uplifting characteristics. Eucalyptus is superb for decongesting nasal cavities, therefore effective for managing breathing problems; snorers adore it.

The only shortcoming inherent in the essential oil perfumes is that mostly they do not last long, compared to the synthetic ones.

The reason the synthetic perfumes last longer than the essential oils perfumes is because their (synthetic ones’) molecules stay intact as compared to the essential ones whose molecules break down shortly after wearing them.

Another reason is that synthetic perfumes contain chemical substances which help the scent to last longer. These substances are not present in the essential oils perfumes. This explains the difference in longevity between the two.

As such, one may have to wear the essential oil-based perfumes every one or two hours. This ultimately makes them costly as the bottle will get finished up faster due to numerous applications in a single day.

How to Make Essential Oil Perfume Last Longer, A detail Guide

However, not all of them disappear as fast. Some stay longer than others. This is because of the following factors:

Type of Perfume ingredients

The type of ingredients used and their extraction method determines the longevity of the perfume. Also the plant species used will dictate how long the perfume stays.  The base notes/scents used will also determine the longevity of the perfume; such base notes that give long-lasting perfumes include pine, vanilla, woodsy, frankincense and cedar among others.

Quality of ingredients

Higher quality of ingredients will mean a longer lasting perfume and vice versa. The blending techniques will also contribute to the longevity of the perfume

Concentration of the ingredients

The higher the concentration of the ingredients, the longer the perfume will stay, the opposite is true.

How to Make Essential Oil Perfume Last Longer:

The perfume should be sprayed instead of rubbing it

Rubbing the perfume on the skin will rapidly break down the molecules and make its original natural fragrance either change or disappear faster.  Spraying it will facilitate uniform spreading of the scent and maintaining its original scent.

The perfume should be applied on a moisturized skin.

Apparently, perfumes stay significantly longer on an oily hydrated skin than a dry skin.

It is important therefore to generously moisturize the skin and wait for the moisturizer to be absorbed before applying the perfume.  The moisturizer should be preferably oil-based and fragrance free.

Proper storage of the perfume

High temperatures, humidity and light, cause the perfume molecules to break down and vanish fast.

Perfumes should therefore be kept in dry cool dark places.  For that matter, it is advisable not to keep the perfume in the bathroom, as many people prefer. This is because bathrooms are usually hot and humid.

They should also be parked in dark/opaque containers

The perfume containers should have fitting lids which should always be properly sealed. This is because most fragrances are alcohol-based and if left open will rapidly evaporate.

Perfumes should be applied before dressing

This not only avoids staining one’s clothes, but also facilitates stimulation of the perfume by the natural body heat. This makes the perfume last longer.

Pulse points should be the areas of interest during perfume application

Pulse points are areas where the heartbeat can easily be felt. They are superb activators for the natural perfume.  These areas include the base of the throat, behind the ears, inside elbows, bottom of the throat, inside the wrists and at the back of the knees. Brushing the hair with some perfume will also help a great deal in ensuring the perfume stays longer. A little perfume sprayed on the hair brush then the hair brush is run on the hair and the longevity results will be amazing.

Layering of the fragrance

To enhance the perfume fragrance, one can layer it in a number of ways. For example, one can shower with a body wash of similar fragrance. After the shower, a body oil of the same fragrance may be used before eventually applying the perfume.

Avoiding strenuous tasks

Strenuous tasks will definitely make the body sweat and outdo the perfume in a short time. They should therefore be minimized.  If they have to be done, then one should be ready to re-apply the perfume after the task

There is so much hype about natural perfumes, with most of perfume consumers opting for the essential oils perfumes. Though they are not likely to match the synthetic perfumes in terms of longevity, it is evident that essential oils perfumes are gaining popularity by day.

This is because many perfume consumers are not ready to compromise their health just because they need a longer lasting perfume.  Instead it should be everyone’s objective to select the natural perfume and come up with ways of making it last longer. The points given above will be helpful in effortlessly achieving such an objective.