How To Use A Foundation Sponge – Tips And Tricks You Need To Know!

With the makeup industry flourishing day by day, you might be thinking about many products that what these are used for. Same is the case with those differently shaped and [amazon link=”B071H56J8S” title=”differently colored makeup sponges or applicators” /] that you see in a makeup artist and wondered “What in the world am I supposed to do with this?” Although you kind of guess the task of this sponge, but we bet you cannot guess why they are manufactured in different shapes. Still, we can find those beautifully shaped and colored sponges in makeup kits of most of the makeup freaks, stained with [amazon link=”B0039UTUZE” title=”foundation” /].

If you are still not quite sure about them and want to know how to use a foundation sponge, you have come to the right place. We are going to crack down everything regarding the foundation sponges in the ultimate guide below.

Essential Tips How to Use a Foundation Sponge:

If you want to master the art of applying foundation using the foundation sponges, you ought to understand their types and different shapes in which they come. So read on to know everything about the foundation sponge and their usage.

#1: The Types of the Foundation Sponges:

When it comes to the foundation sponges, there are 6 types. The basic one that used to come from the start of the makeup industry is the round disc sponge applicator. These kinds of disc-shaped makeup sponges are perfect for applying pressed powder. Square foundation sponges or the wedges is another type of the foundation sponges that get the job of blending the concealer and foundation done perfectly. The third type of the makeup sponges is the thick oval ones that are best used for applying cream foundations but can also be used to blend out liquid and stick formulations. Teardrop Shaped Sponges or the beauty blenders can do pretty much everything from the application of the foundation to blending everything right. They as well come in the variety of colors for doing different jobs. Sponges with tapered point allow you to control the amount of coverage over a specific area. The super pointed end also allows you to get in areas where other sponges cannot get. The last type of sponge is the flat ended that can be used in the traditional sense of a foundation applicator.

#2: A Universal Foundation Sponge Can Get All the Things Done:

While the different types of the foundation sponges can be convenient for different jobs, but you don’t need to buy them all. A universal beauty blender with the original size works just well for every makeup and blending job. If you squeeze the tip of the blender, it will create the pointed end and will allow you to get into the smaller areas like the corner of the eyes, nose etc.

#3: You can dampen the Sponge to Blend the Makeup Well:

Another great tip for using the foundation sponge is to dampen it before blending the makeup. The wet sponges can serve several purposes including diluting the foundation, making it easier to apply, smoothen the skin and even out streaks and creases. Dampening the sponge can also prevent it from soaking excess foundation that can help you in the longer run. However, you need to make sure that not too much water can get into the sponge that can ruin your makeup. So to ensure that, use a paper towel to make sure that your sponge is not too wet or dry.

#4: Use Cold Water in the summer and warm water in the winter to Dampen the Sponge:

As a matter of fact, the consistency of foundation tends to change with the weather. In winter the formula becomes thicker while in summer, the formula becomes runny. To ensure the optimal consistency, use the warm water in winter that will help thicker formula foundations to melt and the cold water will make the foundation a bit concentrated and refreshing during the hotter months.

#5: Don’t Apply Foundation Directly to the Sponge:

Applying the foundation directly to the sponge can use the excess of the foundation and cause wastage. In order to oppose that, it is recommended to first apply the foundation to your hand rather than directly onto the sponge. This not only reduces waste but also make sure that you have the same foundation color and even more coverage.

#6: Press the Sponge Against the Skin instead of Sweeping It:

It is recommended to press the sponge against the skin for the perfect application and coverage rather than sweeping it across. This is because of the fact that sweeping the sponge on the skin can cause the formation or appearance of lines and streaks that can make the whole look unnatural and imperfect. However, pressing the sponge against the skin will allow you to achieve the natural finish and it is gentler to the skin.

#7: Foundation Sponge is Limited to Just Foundation, Beauty Blender is Not:

If you want to make use of your money, go for the beauty blender instead of foundation sponge because of the fact that foundation sponge is only used for foundation, however, beauty blender is used for everything ranging from foundation to concealer, from highlighter to contour, from blush to bronzer.

#8: Cleaning Foundation Sponge is Really Easy:

A typical bar soap is an effective method for cleaning the foundation sponges. All you need is to simply run the sponge under clean water and then across the soap bar several times. Rinse and repeat the process for two to three times to remove all the makeup build up inside the sponge. The harsh nature of soap is strong enough to clean it and remove excess makeup from inside. So, a bar of soap is the perfect way to clean the foundation sponge.

Replace your foundation sponges every few months or after it may lose its original appearance. The total discoloration of the sponge or pores formation on the surface of the sponge is a sign that it needs replacement.