Seeking An Immaculately Gorgeous Look: How To Use Bare Minerals Foundation!

Skin care is one integral part of life that no one can afford to neglect.  A healthy looking skin gives one immeasurable confidence since it speaks volume about someone, just at the first glance. The beauty industry has [amazon link=”B002USQUNQ” title=”diverse products of different quality” /] and one has to carefully select what ultimately gives them that flawless look they really look forward to.


How to Use Bare Minerals Foundation

The bare minerals foundation is one such product that has been in the market for more than two decades and will deliver beyond your expectations. Though the quality of the makeup you use determines the ultimate results, application is equally important.

Even with the best makeup, poor unprofessional application will leave you looking awful. You would rather be without makeup than have poorly applied makeup. Before we look at the procedure of applying the foundation, it is imperative that we ensure we have all the items we require.

This will avoid unnecessary waste of time or skipping some procedure altogether, which will affect your ultimate look.

  • Cleanser (and of course water and a  towel)
  • Moisturizer
  • Applicator Brushes – look for high quality brushes with firm but soft synthetic hairs that won’t easily fall off
  • Bare Minerals Foundation
  • Concealer –  for blemishes spots and dark under eye circles
  • Primer – a base for the foundation
  • Mineral Veil – this gives you a subtle, sparkling impeccable finish
  • Natural lighting – this is more preferable than the artificial light to enable you achieve a natural look.
  • Powder – mostly smooth and contains light reflecting elements to hide skin blemishes.
  • Bronzer – gives you a lovely sun-kissed radiance.

Outlined below is a step-by-step procedure of how to perfectly use bare mineral foundation.


This is simply cleaning your face. Before applying makeup, you should make sure your face is clean. This is to ascertain you get rid of any dirt, impurities, microorganisms and dead skin.

Cleansing will also prevent the skin pores from clogging. You can use a cleanser of your choice, depending on your skin type.

Bare Minerals Company has cleansers for all skin types. Dry your face properly but gently by tapping it with a towel.

Once in a while you may need a deep cleanser to effectively remove excess oil and grime, and regulate sebum production.


Apply a skin toner and give it time to settle and get absorbed into the skin. The purpose of toning the skin is to make it firm and maintain its elasticity. It also shrinks pores, maintains favorable skin pH and adds a layer of protection to your skin.


This will make the skin hydrated. It also makes it smooth, therefore providing a even surface for foundation application. Consequently, your face holds the makeup for a long period of time; you do not need any touch-up in the course of the day.

The choice of your moisturizer is again informed by your shin type. Most importantly, ensure your moisturizer has the right sun screen protection factor. This will protect your skin form sunburn.

Give the moisturizer sometime to get absorbed. If you apply makeup immediately, it will run off and you end up looking soggy.  An alternative way is to tap your face with a piece of tissue to remove the excess oil.

Primer Application

A primer will help in holding the makeup and prevent the skin pores from blockage. It also makes the skin smooth for makeup application. Bare minerals primers come in many forms; original, oil control, neutralizing and brightening premiers, each for different skin types.

The original primer is suitable for all skin types. Oil control primer is best for oily skin prone to acne, it controls oil production. The neutralizing primer is good for rough skin, while brightening primer is suitable for dull wrinkled skin.

Foundation application

Bare Minerals has two forms of foundation, the loose powder and pressed foundation.

For loose powder, place a little amount in the lid. With your applicator brush, spin a little foundation from the lid and carefully tap the brush against the lid top to get rid of excess foundation.

Gently apply the foundation on the bush to your face in circular motion. Repeat this until you get the desired results.

For pressed foundation, spin your brush in the foundation and apply it on your face in gentle circular motion.

Though personal preference prevail, the pressed foundation is more preferable as is doesn’t get messy as compared to the loose powder foundation during application.

Concealer application

This is only necessary if your face has blemishes, scars and dark under eye circles. It helps in covering the spots so that you can achieve a flawless finish. You apply sparingly on the affected areas.

If your skin has no spots, you don’t need the concealer, foundation is enough.

Mineral Veil and Bronzer Application

A finishing powder, mineral veil will help in securing your makeup from falling off. Like the foundation, mineral veil comes in two forms, loose and pressed form.

Both the mineral veil and the bronzer are applied the same way as the mineral foundation. Your areas of interest while applying the bronzer are those that are hit by the sun naturally, like the cheeks, jaws and the temples. This will give you a gorgeous sun-kissed radiance. Just a single layer of mineral veil will deliver a refined flawless finish to your makeup

Looking more beautiful is undeniably an instinct that we all behold, no matter how beautiful we are. To achieve extra beauty, we often enhance certain features in our faces using makeup. 

Now you know that how to use bare minerals foundation. If properly applied, the bare minerals foundation is such one product that will momentously assist you in enhancing your facial features like cheekbones, chin and forehead, and ultimately achieve that gorgeous look you so much yearn for.

Caution should be taken however when using the foundation, and any other form of makeup for that matter.

At the end of the day you should wash off your makeup before going to sleep. Sleeping with makeup can clog your pores and consequently cause breakouts

It also interferes with production of collagen – a protein that is responsible for making our skin more elastic and supple.