How to Use Bath Salts In The Tub!

Nothing is like relaxing as a bath after a long day’s work. This is because it not only relaxes your body but also kicks out unwanted odors from your body. Due to this, people look for ways to better their bath times to make them even more beneficial. One of the ways that people have found to make their bath time, even more, better, is by using bath salts.

A bath salt is a nutrient-rich mineral that one can add to their bathwater to add nutrients to their body’s. These salts are also scented and thus you get to smell great after each shower session. These salts are available in a wide range. Although some of them may cause allergic reactions to skin-sensitive people, some totally harm free.

  • To get the best service from the bath salts, you should put the following factors into consideration;
  • Scent- while choosing your bath salt, you should ensure its smell is good for you. This is to ensure that you don’t struggle to use deodorants to finish off the smell. Bath salts are available in a wide variety of scents. Knowing this, you should choose the one that pleases you best.
  • Dissolvability- nothing is as irritable as a less soluble bath salt. This is because it will be left in your bathtub and maybe cause stains. While choosing a bath salt, you should ensure it is highly soluble thus you gain the most from it. Choosing a bath salt with smaller grains is a major plus as they dissolve faster in water.

Benefits to your skin- bath salts have several health benefits. To ensure you enjoy them all you should use a bath salt that offers you the most health benefits.

How to Use Bath Salts In The Tub

How To Use Bath Salts In The Tub Properly

Before rushing to the store and getting any bath salt, it is wise to know how to use it in your tub. This will help you choose the bath salt that suits your bathtub. This will ensure that you get all benefits from the usage of the bath salts. By following the steps below, you are sure to gain the most from your bath salt.

Things you will need

1.    a bath salt

2.    a bathtub

3.    water

4.    a scrubber

5.    a piece of clothing(optional)

6.    a cup

You may add other essential oils and herbs if you intend to make your bath time even better.


  • Fill your bathtub halfway with water (most preferably warm). This is because bath salts are more soluble in cold water compared to warm water. Add a half a cup of bath salts in your bath water. For a larger concertation, add more amounts of bath salt. High concentrations of bath salts go a long way in reducing muscle soreness. This being due to the high levels of magnesium.
  • Stir your bath water until your bath salt is fully dissolved in your water. You can also add the bath salt in a piece of clothing and stir it in your bath water. This is so as to ensure that the remnants of the bath salts do not remain in your bathtub. Some bath salts contain petals thus they may be left sticking to your bathtub walls thus causing a pretty ugly scene.
  • Fill the bathtub with water to the level you desire and soak yourself in the water. Before dipping yourself into the water, check its temperature with your hand to avoid hurting yourself. Stay in the water for up to ten minutes. However, avoid staying in the water until it gets cold. This is because some bath salts may get to stay on your skin thus leading to discomfort throughout the day.
  • While at it, scrub your body well to ensure that the bath salt aids in opening up your skin pores.
  • If you intend to retain the scent of the bath salts after the bath salt, it is advisable not to rinse after the bath. However, some bath salts may leave color residues on your skin thus making you look odd. If you realize this color residue, rinse off your body thoroughly.

For parts that are bruised, you can add bath salts to a bowl of water and add some water. Stir it gently until it forms a paste. Take a piece of clothing and dip it in the mixture. Use this clothing to wipe your wound thus ridding it of any bacterium. To do this, ensure that your bath salts contain no substance that may infect your wound.

The best way to Use Bath Salts In The Tub

How to better the use of bath salts

Are you wondering that how to use bath salts in the tub? If you intend to gain more from your bath salt shower time, you can add essential oils to your bath thus more gains. Adding some pinches of baking soda will soften your skin even softer and remove chlorine from water. For more benefits, you may consider adding herbs to your tub thus getting, even more, nutrients from your bath.

If you use minted herbs, you can get even a better scent from your bath time. These herbs may include; lavender, mint, rosemary, chamomile and rose petals. However, some of these herbs may be found in bath salts thus saving you the agony of buying them. 

If you have skin conditions, however, seek advice from your doctor to know if you can use bath salts or not. To find out if you are allergic to bath salt, you can apply some on your ankle and see if some pimples will appear. If you intend to use a bath salt for foot soaking, however, you will consider using a bucket or basin.



By following the steps provided above, you can easily prepare your bath salts in your bathtub and enjoy. This will ensure that you gain required minerals from the bath and also relax your muscles. However, you should ensure that your bath salt is good for your skin thus may cause you no harm. With this, you are good to go thus getting a nutrient-filled shower in the comfort of your bathtub.