Having A Great Look With Blue Eyeshadow, How to Use Blue Eyeshadow!

[amazon link=”B00AB0UX10″ title=”Blue Eye shadow” /] may not be your usual thing to put on. However, this shade has been a thing in red carpet stage nowadays. A lot of celebrities are donning brighter shades of eyeshadows to achieve a captivating effect.

One may wonder whether [amazon link=”B00AB0UX10″ title=”blue Eye shadow” /] looks good or not, whether it is striking or unattractive. Usually, it is bone or brown shades that are prominently seen on celebrities. Further, blue shades create an upshot on some experts, when a famous celeb walks on runways with blue eye shadows. Varied reactions as to whether it looks good or a makeup artist fault for advocating blue eyeshadow.

It is a common knowledge. In any way it is, here are helpful tips on how to use blue eyeshadows:

  1. If you want to create drama, never match your eye color with your eye shadow, or else you would be lost in the crowd. If you dare to, what the people will notice is the shadow.
  2. Always keep your shades and cheeks on the well-lighted side. It will depend whether you are redheads, it should be stick with marvelous/splendid. Blondes should be a gloominess of sheer pink and brunet should be for light pink and or mauves.
  3. Use eyelid primer. Primer can show your blue eyeshadow soft and active. It will show different complexion when you applied.
  4. Use two different kinds of brushes. One is the eye shading brushes; this is best for all over application to the lid for the good outcome of the base. Two is the blending brush, is it use for blending colors to make it professional accomplishment.
  5. The use of eyeshadow’s texture. It will depend what the type of look you want. If you want it to be simple, you should try not to be shivery.
  6. Always keep in mind that matte shades tend to work best on the brow. “Too much shimmer gives an overlay blended” says the Celebrity Makeup Artist Laura Dillon.

Now that you know the tips, it’s time to set in your brushes. These also can help of how to use blue eyeshadow perfectly. There are three different looks that you should try.

How to Use Blue Eyeshadow for Luxe Liner Look

  • Get the gel liner and apply it to the upper lash line.
  • Use a brush to broadcast the line with your blue eye shadow.
  • Use black/blue mascara to make the color more attractive.

Simple Blue Smoke

There you are, you want drama. With this simple blue smoke look, you will just apply of blue color up to the lid.

Apply a light of shade from crease to brow. You should avoid frosty colors because it may look old-fashioned.

Smoking Hot

  • Put lively blue eye shadow to the lid.
  • Apply neutral shade through the crease.
  • Apply black shadow from the outer corner to the lid.
  • Apply a highlighter to the brow.
  • After these procedures, finish off the look with black mascara.

You are not a makeup artist but you yourself can be the makeup artist if you try blue eyeshadow during the day. You may find it a bad look but wearing bright colors during the day is more fun. Some may laugh at you but when you just put in the line and stand by it they will notice that blue eyeshadow is different. Bright colors are eye-catching and very intimidating. If you want to wake up tired eyes, the brighter the better. When it comes to blue there is no ground, you can also wear blue eyeshadow during the night. It does not good only during the day. Wearing this through the night makes you able to be recognized because of its bright colors. Makes you look gorgeous, elegant and sexy. This will help you assert your blue eyes. If you prefer for blue eyeshadow keep the rest of your make up light. Avoid color on your lips they will not come up with a good result with your eyes.

Blue eyeshadow is best to apply two shadows, a light and a dark. You should skip also the black liner; instead try a deep hued shade of blue. You would ask yourself, “what about the clothes?” There is just one rule here. You should above comparing them. You may look crazy. Just wear comfortable and simple.

Who can wear Blue Eyeshadow?

These are the known questions that many women would ask. For me, all can wear it. Depends on how they will carry them. But there are some women that can wear it and look very more beautiful. The blue color is used for both dark and light skin tone. But it is more common with the light skin tone as it is used with different combinations. It also works well with women with dark skin. It won’t affect your dignity though. As long as you wear the blue eyeshadow very well and it does not look cheap, who cares right? You know yourself that this shadow is perfectly fit you. It may be hard to compare colors with your makeup, but with blue it will be easy. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is “blue eyeshadow” is good with dark colors and easy to use because you won’t need to take a lot of effort to have a good outcome. All you have to do is to brush, brush, brush and brush and then you will have it. Blue eyeshadow is a reflection of you!

Now, that you know all the steps on how to use this Blue Eyeshadow it’s now time for you to do it and see it for yourself.