How to Use Lush Bath Oils for Proper Body Care!

Skin and hair care has always been our priority and that to the top where we forget our own body. With the advancement of the technology and the fast-paced world, body care is often neglected that is really important for the overall youthful appearance. If the body care is neglected, the signs of aging, sagging of the skin becomes more visible even if your facial skin is smooth and beautiful. Probably that is the reason proper body care is really essential for the perfect body shape and looks.

To achieve the smooth body and perfect care for your body, [amazon link=”B017DX9CRI” title=”lush bath oils” /] are the perfect option. The lush cosmetics offers the wide range of bath oils that nourish the skin with moisturizing butter and softening oils to hamper the body. After all, your body needs some TLC.

Why Use Lush Bath Oils?

Lush bath oils are the perfect care option for your body if smooth and moisturized body is what you are looking for. The bath oils have probably been around a lot longer than you think, and they have been used for the soothing bath experience for centuries.

Not only the lush bath oils offer soothing bath experience, but they are used for the variety of purposes including luxury and therapeutic benefits. Besides this, they are also used for some surprising purposes as well. So if you are looking for how to use lush bath oils, read on to know!

How to Use Lush Bath Oil? Some Surprising Uses:

It is a well-known and proven scientific fact that oils, when mixed with the water, have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and offer soothing effect apart from the rejuvenation of the skin. The oil bathing has been a common thing in the South Asian regions especially in India, however, with the increasing awareness and scientifically proven benefits, the oil bathing has been used in the western world as well. Several spas and treatment centers are offering bath oil treatments for the supple skin and refreshing body.

Looking to use bath oils at your home? Here’s how.


#1: Lush Bath Oils for Aromatherapy:

The most important and the popular use of the bath oils now got the trend in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is kind of a treatment that is used to treat various conditions like dullness, depression, even cancer using the essential oils or fragrance. Lush bath oils have found their scope in aromatherapy that provides not only relief to the body but also to the mind. These bath oils can restore the dullness of the skin, leaving it supple and smooth. It also reduces the signs of aging, making skin radiant and glowing. Wondering how you can use lush bath oils for aromatherapy?

Simply tip your favorite bath oil in the tub of warm water. Let your body and your mind soak in the tub for half an hour. You and your bathroom will smell amazing, giving you a fresh feel and sound mind.

How to Use Lush Bath Oils for Proper Body Care!

#2: Lush Bath Oils for Facial Treat:

Essential oils have been used for the treatment of several skin conditions and to make it glowing, refresh and flawless. There are several essential oils being used in the bath oils that can give your face a treat that you will enjoy in the longer run. A cheaper facial that results far better.

To give your face a refreshing treat, just drop a few drops of bath oil in the steaming water and steam your face for 5 to 8 minutes. Breathe the steam in for the added benefits. This relaxes your senses and is great aromatherapy for you.

#3: Lush Bath Oils for Spa Treatment:

You can make yourself feel at Spa at your home using the lush bath oils. You can have the cheap manicure and pedicure by adding these bath oils in the hot water tub and soak your hands and feet in the water. This will not only moisturizes and soften your skin but also softens the cuticle and nourishes the nails. The nails will shine and will appear as if you have got your spa treatment. For feet, you can add lemon juice along with the bath oils to help improve the cracked feet.

#4: Lush Bath Oils for Revitalizing Vinyl Upholstery:

You might get this as a surprise but yep, bath oils can be used to revitalize the vinyl upholstery. If you have such furniture in your home or a car, you can give them a makeover by using a few lush bath oils on the soft cloth to wipe them down. Remove the excess oil using another oil to give it a finer look. Not only this, as an added bonus, this will give your upholstery a scented fragrance that will give a perfect ambiance.

#5: Lush Bath Oil for Aches and Pain:

There are several bath oils tailored for the treatment of aches and pain. As a matter of fact, soaking in the warm water scented with the bath oils will definitely make you feel better, offering the added benefits of relaxing your veins, body, boosting your immunity.

#6: Lush Bath Oils as Hair Leave On:

Bath oils can treat your hair as good as your body. So if you have bath oils stored in your vanity box, grab them and use them as the hair leave-on that can make your hair smell great. For this, rub a drop of bath oil or two between your palms and run your fingers and palm through your hair length. Also, you can leave your comb dipped in the oils and then use it to transfer the oil to the scalp and the hair for better results. They not only make your hair smell great but also make them manageable.

The bath oils are made with the several essential oils. You can also prepare your homemade bath oils using different oils to meet your needs and to get these amazing benefits without paying a single penny.