How to Use Translucent Powder – Some Unexpected Uses of Loose Powder!

When it comes to achieving the perfect look, ladies can do anything. Whether they have to [amazon link=”B005UKZAJG” title=”buy expensive makeup products” /] or to get some surgery. But why go with these expensive treatments when you can have the perfect look effortlessly using a single product?

We all crave for the one thing that can give you perfect, flawless look without any hassle. And if your budget calls for that multi-purpose beauty product, you can easily rest with the loose or [amazon link=”B00PFCSNWA” title=”translucent powder” /]. Yeah, although underrated, still, the translucent powder is the magical product that is a must-have for any look. So if you don’t know how to use translucent powder, you have come to the right place.  Below we have covered some extremely surprising uses of translucent powder that you need to know.

How to Use Translucent Powder for Achieving Perfect Look?

Often overlooked in the vanity box, however, translucent powder is the staple for achieving the perfect look. Ask any professional makeup artist and they will probably let you know the importance of translucent powder. Ranging from setting makeup to natural-looking finish, the translucent powder can be used for everything.

Here are some ways of using translucent powder. Check them out ladies and slay!

#1: Use for Natural Looking Sheen:

If it’s your bad day and you are not feeling like putting up layers of makeup, you can go with the simple translucent powder to give yourself a perfect looking natural look and let your skin breathe. All you need is to dust a few sheer layers of translucent powder all over your skin and you are done with the healthy natural looking glow. Not only this will give you a natural-looking shine, but also mattifies your oily T-Zone, smooths out pores and wrinkles.

#2: Use for Foundation Setting:

Do you know your friend who looks as elegant at 7:00 pm as she does at 9:00 am? You want that subtle yet fresh look all day? If so, you need to get your translucent powder out of your kit and set your foundation with it. Yep. After applying the cream or liquid foundation, translucent powder is essential that not only seals the moisture of the foundation but also makes it last longer as it controls oil, keeping the foundation to look cakey.

#3: Use to Plump up Your Lashes:

If you want to boost your mascara ladies, once again, translucent powder is your way to go. In order to achieve that ultra-thick and full lash look, use the translucent brush over the lashes, following with the few coats of mascara for maximum effect. Or you can also use both the products alternately until you reach your desired level of volume and ultra-thick look. All you need is to make sure that the first coat of your mascara is a little wet so that the powder can adhere.

#4: Use to Prime your Lids:

If you are a fan of those dramatic eyes, you might know the struggle of dealing with those oily eyelids that cause the eyeshadows or eyeliner to slip throughout. If you want to avoid that, you can use the translucent powder to prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadows and liner. This will not only help to prevent eyeshadows from transferring but also make them last longer.

#5: Use to Mattify Your Lip Color:

If you want to go with that matte bold lip look, the translucent powder can help. Going matte is the trend and that is the reason you can use the touch of the loose or translucent powder to keep those perfect lines and saturated hues matte and in place. For this, place a tissue over your lips and then dust translucent powder onto the tissue with the fluffy powder brush. Finish the look with the top coat of your matte lipstick and slay!

#6: Use to Fix your Harsh Makeup Mistakes:

Makeup is an art and it can go wrong any moment, even at the last moment. Well, if so, don’t fret because translucent powder comes to rescue you with your harsh makeup mistakes. Although you can use makeup remover for the purpose, but it will cause the appearance of streaks and you might have to redo your makeup. Simply use this magical powder and get your makeup done. If you have applied too much makeup like blush, highlight, bronzer or even foundation, you can dust the translucent powder over the area to tone it down and to neutralize it. It will also make the surface smoother and more natural.

#7: Use as a Dry Shampoo:

You can use the translucent powder as an emergency root touch up if your hair turns greasy midday and you don’t have your dry shampoo or other hair products in tow. In order to make your hair look less great and shinier, use a sparing amount of translucent powder with a brush. After applying the powder, let it absorb the oil for few seconds and then turn your hair upside down. Shake your head to remove the excess powder to avoid chalky look. Instead, you can also use a tissue ply to remove the excess powder. Comb your hair to even the look and you are done with your fresh, non-greasy hair!

#8: Use to De-crease the Concealer:

If you have that acne-prone skin and blemishes, you will know the struggle hiding them with the concealer, without making it obvious. As a matter of fact, those creamy concealers can sometimes crease, causing the skin to look wrinkled, flaky and cracked. In order to avoid, you can apply translucent powder over the concealer covered area to fill in the gaps and cracks. This will ensure that the final look looks clean, without making it obvious and prominent.

#9: Use to Buff Everything Together:

The buffing technique is applied to the complete makeup in order to integrate all the cheek products and to make them look like even and seamless gradient, using a translucent powder. All your check products like a highlighter, bronzer, blush, and foundation will even out and you can’t then figure out where exactly the colors start or end, making look more natural and attractive.